Saturday, April 26, 2008

He did it!

Once again my kids amaze me and make me proud. My second son, Brian, ran his first half marathon today - the Music City Half Marathon in Nashville. I am impressed with the discipline, the motivation, the training. I am mostly just proud!!!!
He officially finished in 2 hours 32 minutes.
You might remember that my daughter, Jennifer, ran a half marathon just a few weeks ago.
I am presently working on my "Bucket List" but I don't think running a half marathon will be on it. I will have to experience that one through my kids.
What's on your "Bucket List"?

Monday, April 21, 2008

A Happy Heart!

This month I added a year to my life and, like many, I try to schedule all my "check-ups" around my birthday so I can remember them every year.
This year my dr. encouraged me to have a heart scan before coming in for my yearly exam. I have a fairly significant family history for heart disease and a genetic predisposition to high cholesterol ( I won't even start to tell you my mom's numbers). I have fought the high cholesterol thing since I was about 40. Because I am a "naturalist/alternative medicine" person I have resisted cholesterol-lowering drugs - much to my doctor's dismay. We have had a few serious conversations as I held fast to that conviction. So, before my appointment with the dr. I had a heart scan and I had by labs drawn to check my cholesterol levels.

I must admit that I was nervous about hearing those two reports. My dr. waltzed into the exam room and all but hugged me telling me that she had amazing news for me. My heart scan results were PERFECT and my cholesterol had dropped 100 points. Only those who closely watch their cholesterol can relate.

I have been on a sugar-free/yeast-free diet since Feb. 1 and it seems that this has affected my cholesterol drastically. Surprise!

Because I have few options for breakfast food, I eat oatmeal about 4 times a week. I think I will email Quaker Oats and tell them that I should be on one of their commercials promoting oatmeal as a heart healthy food.

Secrets to a happy heart - lose the sugar and bread and eat your oatmeal.

I feel like I've been given a new lease on life.

Here's to a happy heart!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Is Chivalry Dead?

Chivalry: A Definition
1. Gallantry, courtesy and honor.
2. The noble qualities a knight was supposed to have, such as courage and a readiness to help the weak.
3. The demonstration of any of these qualities.

I have had several occasions lately in which a "knight in shining armor" would have been welcomed.
Recently at a picnic, I was folding, carrying and lifting 2 fairly heavy tables by myself. As I was doing this there were several men near me - watching me - and passing me... and none of them stopped to offer their assistance.
Yesterday I was in an elevator with one man. When the doors opened he barreled out of the elevator nearly knocking me down.
Last night I stopped at the dry cleaners to pick up clothes. I was ready to pull out of my parking place but had to wait while the man parked next to me put his clothes in his massive truck. He left both doors open and, not wanting to risk hitting him, I patiently waited. The man even looked my way at one point - I think he was looking to be sure I wasn't going to rip his truck doors off their hinges. Suddenly, he jumped in his truck and sped out of his parking place.
I sat there thinking - is chivalry completely dead? Is there no simple common courtesy?

I "googled" Chivalry and these are a few things I found...

Some women have been taught that displays of chivalry are demeaning and condescending, and men have come to believe that courtesy and respectful attitudes aren’t “manly.” I think it is time to realize that the 21st century needs a Code of Chivalry.

Anyone — men and women, teachers and coaches, students and soldiers, doctors and athletes — any one of us can be a knight in shining armor. And every one of us should be.

The code of chivalry is, at its heart, simply a handbook for good conduct. But chivalry was not a mandate from the powerful to the downtrodden, nor a directive from the chosen unto the masses. It was a set of limitations which the strong and mighty placed upon themselves with the realization that setting a good example sends a message which is far more powerful than any words on paper.

It seems that for some it is too late to teach them to be courteous and respectful, but it is not too late to teach our children.
This is not just a "male" thing, though I believe that men should hold doors for women, let them go in front of them, etc., etc.
This is about teaching our children to be kind - to consider others before themselves.

I pray that we will be raising a new generation of children that will put upon themselves a code of chivalry, setting an powerful example of kindness and respect.

Let's do our part in teaching our children and grandchildren.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me!

Today I added another year to my age. I didn't find it to be traumatic - in fact it was pretty relaxing. We are in Tennessee visiting Brian and Amy and their four kids.
I started the day with a birthday breakfast with the kids and then went on to play about 10 games of "Battle" with Nathaniel, the youngest of the four. There is no stress in playing "Battle". There was nothing else I had to do except hang out with my kids and grandkids and enjoy the day. I even loved wearing the birthday hat.
I heard from all my kids today and other family and friends and that makes me feel blessed.
Except for some extra aches, I love being my age. A lot of things that used to matter a lot just simply aren't that important anymore. I can speak my mind with a bit more ease and it doesn't bother me as much that I need to lose a few pounds.
I love learning and I don't feel like I have to prove anything to anybody.
I have an amazing husband and I just want us to grow old together.
Life is good and God has blessed me.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

My Children's Children

I am a blessed woman. I have seen all 5 of my children receive Christ, grow to love Him and serve Him passionately. Now the next generation of believers is being raised up to become mighty warriors for the Lord.
A couple of weeks ago were blessed to be a part of Jax's baptism. His little spirit was so sweet and his smile said it all. He was now a child of God and he was ready to be obedient and be baptized.
During that same service we sat with 11 of our grandchildren during a communion service. It was a powerful picture of Jesus sacrifice for our sins. At least 3 of them came away talking about what it meant to ask Jesus into their lives. There is nothing sweeter!!!
One week later our #2 grandaughter was baptized by her dad. We were not able to be there because it was Easter Sunday. Nonetheless, she is now proclaiming that she has committed her life to Christ. Praise God!!!
Proverbs 128 has always been a favorite of mine - verse 6 says "and may you live to see your children's children."
Thank you, Father that I not only have lived to see my children's children but I have lived to see them come to know you.