Wednesday, November 28, 2007

37 Years!

Yesterday we celebrated our 37th anniversary. I am so blessed by that. It helps to have a husband like mine who loves the Lord with all of his heart and who has loved me, cared for me, provided for me and protected me for 2/3 of my lifetime. I love this stage of marriage - there is very little disagreement - there is mostly reading each other's mind - completing each other's sentences - knowing what makes each other smile and being comfortable just hanging out together in the quiet. I love my life and I thank God everyday for the husband he has given me and the family that followed.
If you are married, take a moment to thank God for what He has given you and know that a good marriage is a result of hard work, sacrifice, forgiveness and most of a commitment to Christ.

Monday, November 19, 2007

I'm Back!

We recently returned from a 10 day trip to Greece and Turkey where we visited ancient sites in cities where Paul preached. It was an amazing trip. There were 23 of us and we enjoyed one another and had fun together.

I felt that the trip gave me insight into the challenges that Paul faced as he said "Yes" to the Macedonian call and entered a region of pagan people. These people were steeped in Greek mythology and the worship of gods and godesses such as Artemis, Zeus, Diana and many, many more. Even today many of these people speak of Greek mythology as if those events actually happened.

It was moving to stand in Phillipi and think of how Paul wrote to them and told them how thankful he was for them everytime they came to mind.

And then we stood among the ruins of Miletus where Paul met with the elders of the church in Ephesus to give them his final farewell before leaving for Jerusalem.

Ephesus was amazing. We sat in the ruins of the large theatre that seated 25,000 people, where centuries ago Christians were thrown to the lions and we considered the church at Ephesus and the work that Paul had done there and then we worshipped our living God together.

Toward the end of our trip we visited the Island of Patmos where John received The Revelation. It was incredibly moving to enter the cave where it is believed that John received the vision from God.

The trip continually took us back to scripture and we found a kind of completion as we read the Word standing in the same places where Paul preached the gospel.

A highlight for me was standing on the Acropolis in Athens and hearing Ed read the passage in Acts where Paul was preaching to the philosophers on Mars Hill. As Ed read this passage many people gathered and stood and listened to the reading of God's Word and then Ed prayed the most anointed prayer - proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ in a place where a majority of people are Muslim.

I am thankful for our country and our freedom to worship. I am thankful for my home and family - for my car and for my clothes and the many other abundant blessings that we so take for granted. Visiting other countries will cause you to remember that we are a blessed people.

Have a blessed day of giving thanks!