Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Compassion Honduras

We are in Tegucigalpa, Honduras this week with Compassion International. We have visited the country office and have come to understand better the workings of Compassion and the heart of the people who work there.

We have met the little boy that we sponsor. His name is Fernando and he is 4 years old. We have learned that we are doing far more than sponsoring a child. We are welcoming him and his family - his single mom and his two older sisters - into our hearts. We are committing to pray for his mom as she struggles to support her family. We are praying for his 15 year old sister who has a great deal of responsibility in the home and with her siblings because her mom works long hours. We are praying that these children will continue to love Jesus and will hold on to the hope that is found in their relationship with HIM. We will always encourage and support this family to become all that they can be. We feel the honor of providing in some small way a bit of hope for this mom and her children. It is so much more than sending $32 per month and we are blessed to know them and to love them.

We have spent time with the children in a Compassion Project and have seen their eyes light up over the simplest of things. We have come to understand that many of them come to the Project hungry and they are anxious for the meal that they will receive there. We saw the results of a team of workers who love these children and want them to know the love of Jesus.

We spent the morning in the home of a Compassion sponsored child. We saw first-hand the depth of poverty - the smells of poverty - the hopelessness of poverty.
But, we saw the impact that Compassion and the local church have had on this family. The child in the home went to a box in the corner of his one-room house and pulled out his last letter from his sponsor family. His eyes shown with excitement and pride as he showed us the letter and the picture. We learned that his 55 year-old grandmother and his 96 year-old great-grandmother had recently given their hearts to Christ as a result of the ministry of Compassion and the ministry of the local church. What could be better!

Monday, February 2, 2009

They Are Home at Last!

They are finally home. They arrived in New York City last night and spent the night with Amy's sister. They took the kids to Times Square (what a way to see your first glimpse of America), ate lunch and then headed to the airport.
They have now officially arrived in Nashville tonight.
Now life begins.
Please pray for the kids transition to America - for their ability to learn English and that they would feel loved and a part of this loving family.
This is a God-thing and we know that He has preserved the lives of these two precious children for His purposes and for His glory. I can't wait to see what they will become!
Thank you all for your prayers!