Tuesday, September 30, 2008

We love New York!

This our third trip to New York together and we love it - the chaos, the noise, the smells (most of them), the sights and so on.
Today we walked a lot - wandered the subway stations a couple of times looking for the right signs to get us where we were going. - said "hello" and "goodbye" to Yankee Stadium. They will be tearing down the 85 year old stadium and moving into a new one just across the street. For those of you who don't know - we are true baseball fans and we love visiting baseball fields around the country.
This is a picture of us at "The Top of the Rock". That is Central Park behind Ed's head. The view is amazing from up there - 70 stories above street level in Rockefeller Center.

Tonight we saw a great, funny and mindless play and had a late dinner. We love New York!

Monday, September 22, 2008

15 now.... 17 soon!!

I am talking about grandkids. We are blessed with 15 right now. But soon, we will have 17.
This my son, Brian and his wife Amy and their 4 kids. Their adoption journey began to take root in my family room. I was talking about a baby that seemed to be hard to place for adoption because of its ethnicity. Amy's heart was broken over this baby and she began the process of considering what God might have them do. A week or so after they returned home from our family Christmas gathering, Brian called to ask about this baby and to say that they would love to be considered if this baby needed a family. This seemed to be a turning point for them. Though this baby no longer had a need, they soon learned about a sibling group in foster care that needed a family. They began to seriously pursue helping these children, but God had another plan.
Brian works with Compassion International and experiences regularly the plight of children around the world who are affected by poverty, loss of parents, war and illness. His experiences has literally changed the way our whole family views the world and the needs of people. Through this, God revealed to them HIS plan for them to adopt from Ethiopia. We just learned a couple of weeks ago that they have received a "match" and soon we will add 2 amazing children to the Seay clan. We are so excited!!!! Read more about their journey here.
Brian and Amy have saved a lot of money to cover their adoption expenses but now, with the loving choice to accept 2 children, they will need to raise some money to complete this journey.
Would you consider being a part of bringing these two children to our family? Though God directs us to care for the orphans, it does not mean that everyone is supposed to adopt. It might simply mean that you will care for the orphans by making a monetary contribution. Click here to read more about their need to raise the last of the money to complete this adoption process. God tells us to care for the orphans and we believe that their are some who may not adopt but could contribute to helping others adopt.
We also appreciate your prayers during this time. There are specific requests for this family - that the money will be raised to get the family to Ethiopia - that there will be no legal complications in Ethiopia -that the timing will be absolutely God's timing - that the bonding time with these children will be natural and easy - that the changes in their home will come easily.
Thank you for believing in our family and for praying for us!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

It's not over until all the lights are on!

We survived with little damage. We threw away hundreds of dollars worth of food from our refrigerator and freezer. That was a bit painful but nothing compared to what others have suffered because of this storm. We were without power from Saturday morning at 5 a.m. until Wednesday. We were praising God for the cool weather.

I am sad tonight for the damage done to my "happy place", Galveston.

I'm sad for families that lost so much and for families that still have no power or water.
Pray for these families!

This is a tree in our front yard that was leaning toward our house right after the storm. Though the tree didn't fall during the storm, the roots began to lift out of the ground and the tree leaned a bit more toward our house. God is gracious.

This is the same tree on Sunday. With a little help from our friends, the tree was brought down without damaging our house. Those guys were amazing!

This is our grandson, Solomon, standing on our playground. A large tree on the side of our house fell during the storm right in the middle of the playground. It damaged our Rainbow playset but didn't touch the house. Amazing!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Support My Sons, Please! You will love it!

Tomorrow is the start of (son #4) Robbie's tour, Hope, Coffee and Melody.
An awesome evening of music, coffee and dialogue with my (son #1) Chris, who is on the road as well.
Also joining the tour are Alli Rogers and Chris Taylor, AMAZING singer songwriters in their own rights.

Check out the first few tour dates starting tomorrow in Dallas.
The band would love to see you!
If your city is not on here, check the Robbie Seay Band website for other dates.

Wednesday, September 10:

The Heights Baptist Church

201 West Renner Road

Richardson, TX 75080

7:00 pm


Thursday, September 11
Common Grounds Coffee Shop
1123 8th St.
Waco Tx 76706
Tickets $10

Friday, September 12
Crossings Community Church
14600 North Portland Ave
Oklahoma City OK
Tickets $7

You can purchase tickets on www.itickets.com or at the door.
*College students are free if they print out something with the Hope, Coffee, Melody poster on it...from here or myspace.

Line up your babysitter, plan a date night, invite your friends...
It promises to be a great night of entertainment and inspiration!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

5 Days ... 4 Kids... and a lot of fun!

Our daughter, Jenn and her husband, Rusty, went on a trip to Lake Louise, Canada to celebrate their 10th anniversary and we kept their 4 children for 5 days.

I must say that we are not as young or in good "toddler parenting" shape like we used to be. So... we are tired.

But we had a great time with our grandkids. On Day 1, we talked about some fun things we could do and Jax (age 6) proclaimed loudly - "My brain is overflowing with ideas!"

Day 1 we went to the mall - played in the play area - rode the merry-go-round - ate in the food court - and rode the Woodlands Waterway Boat. We had a great day!

Day 2 we went to the zoo. We met Chris and his 4 kids there. We had a picnic, saw the animals that were not offended by the heat and survived the humidity.
After leaving the zoo, we went to the Houstonian and swam in a great family pool with a water slide and had dinner poolside. The kids were great and we had a great time,

Today we have recovered - cleaned house and put all the furniture and decorations back in their proper place and in a way only recognized by grandparents we will begin to miss those special, little people.