Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Walk for Hope

If you have read my previous blog (What can you do with $50) then you know that my family are all working on projects to raise money for the Child Survival Project with Compassion International.

My Tennessee kids did a Walk for Hope this past Saturday. My son, Brian; his wife, Amy; and their four children (ages 4-10) walked 30 miles in their neighborhood. They enlisted pledges and when the day was done they had raised $850. How awesome is that!

When their legs got tired they reminded themselves of the plight of children in Ethiopia and they were easily refreshed. I am so proud of my kids and all that they are doing to help their own children get a glimpse of the needs of children in this world.

Another one of our kids will be selling cookbooks soon as a part of their project. I will keep you posted of the progress with this project.

You can read about the Walk for Hope on Brian's blog - brianseay.wordpress.com. I will also keep you informed of the cookbook project. All of the money raised will go directly to the Child Survival Project in Ethiopia.

Sunday, December 9, 2007

What can you do with a 50 dollar bill?

We are becoming increasingly aware of the need for us to give away more than we do - give to the poor, the homeless, single mothers, hurting children, and so on. The list never ends. There are so many needs in this world and so few people who feel drawn to share out of their own bounty to make a difference.

When I hear stats of how much we spend on makeup or junk food or eating out, I am embarrassed for our nation. We could skip a few nights a month eating out and save that money to help Living Water dig a well for a community who has no available clean water.

We could give $30 per month to sponsor a Compassion Child.

There are times that our hearts are touched but we seldom act upon that feeling. I want to commit to find ways to "Give Myself Away" and to be an example to others. This Christmas we are giving a unique gift to our grandkids. Each family of grandkids will receive $50. The $50 is "seed money". They are to find ways to "plant" the seed with the goal of multiplying that money. At our family Christmas they will bring the money they have raised and together we will donate the money to sponsor Child Survival Project through Compassion International. I will be posting more on the details of this project soon. I will let you know what the kids are doing to raise money.

My prayer is that we will set the example for our grandchildren to be aware of how blessed we are and the reality of the needs of children around the world and that we can all make a difference.