Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Honduras: Day 3

I didn't really expect today to be as powerful as yesterday, but I was wrong.
We arrived at Compassion Project No. 283 today and received a warm greeting. The children sang for us and we had an opportunity to hear from a Project Coordinator. A Project Coordinator is responsible for 15 Projects. Each project has an average of 200 children. I can't fathom the magnitude of her job, but she is passionate about reaching children for Jesus.
We served the children a meal and then we were able to bless this church by painting two of their classrooms. We had a ministry moment to pray for the pastor and be a support in some really difficult times. We also learned that there are 19 children in Project 283 that do not have sponsors.
Another woman asked us to pray for her. Her 15 year old son has left home, become involved in drugs and running from people who want to kill him. She has many other needs in her family. She believes in the power of prayer.
At the end of the day we visited another family in their home. This family has 7 children and lives in extreme poverty. When we asked how we could pray for them the wife asked that we pray that her husband would come to know the Lord. It was a moving time together.
Over and over we are reminded that only the hope of Jesus can change the lives of these children and families.
Compassion provides opportunities for children to learn about the hope of Christ and then they take this Hope back home to their families. Only Jesus can satisfy their soul!
Please pray for sponsors for the children in Honduras.


Clergna said...

poor children in Honduras, but it's good, that they have faith (:

hapi said...
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D.M. SOLIS said...

Beautiful posts. I have just discovered your blog and will return. Peace and all good things for you in your ministry and in life.

Diane Solis

Kathya Gissel said...

Hi I'm Honduras:) hugs 4 u:*